Lab Bahasa: Practice and Progress!

Language Laboratory (Laboratorium Bahasa) is a non Chemistry laboratory in SMAKBO. The language that is learned is English. The activity is mostly presentation, with various topics, focusing on the language itself and on the presentation techniques. We believe that practice makes perfect. By doing practice and practice, progress will become an easy thing to reach. We prefer progress, not perfection because progress is beyond perfection and every student is unique and has their own milestones. Keep practicing and make some progress in Lab Bahasa!

Pengelola Lab

Tri Oktavia, S.Pd.


Kelas XI dan XII

Jumlah Guru

6 orang

Rombel Pagi XI

10.30 - 12.00

Rombel Siang XI

14.30 - 16.00

Rombel pagi XII

10.30 - 12.00

Rombel Siang XII

14.30 - 16.00

Kelas XI

Asking & Giving Direction

When you come to a new place and you don’t know where to go, what will you do?

Asking local people to show you the location will be one of the options. In this project, you will learn how to ask and give direction to other people. You will show directions to go to laboratories at SMAKBO from different starting points. Furthermore, you will describe laboratory equipment inside the laboratories.

Asking & Giving Suggestions

In life, we need someone else, especially when you have a problem and need a solution.

You can ask others to help you. They will give their suggestions to you. In this project, you will learn how to ask and give suggestions to others. Helping people is a good thing to do.

Expressing Intention (Future Plans)

Everyone definitely wishes for a good future, including us.

Each person, of course, has their own dream. To reach their dreams, people need to make some plans. Share your plans to reach your dreams in this project, including your dreams in your education, occupation, and holiday. Remember! Good plans lead to a good future.

Narrative Text (Story Telling)

Indonesia is rich in culture.

One of them is Indonesian legends, myths, and folktales. There are always moral messages that we can take from them. Amuse others by telling Indonesian stories to them and take the moral messages from the stories. Don’t forget to show your creativity to make it entertaining!

Kelas XII

Procedure Text

In this project, you will share how to do or operate something to the whole class.

Interested in technology or do you have your favorite tools or equipment in the Chemistry lab? Provide some appealing pictures of it and tell the class how to operate it.

Report Text

Do you have any pets or like to grow some plants?

This time, you will present some scientific facts about animals, plants, and electronic devices, including electronic laboratory equipment. After the presentation, you will get some questions from the audience and who knows they have the same interest as you.

Analytical Exposition Text

Have some thoughts in a certain case?

It is time to express your ideas and arguments about something that you think is important to discuss. Elaborate your thoughts comprehensively and persuade your audience that the phenomenon needs attention.

News Item

Do you have news reading and writing skills? Prove it in this project.

Do you have news reading and writing skills? Prove it in this project. Go see what is happening around your neighborhood and write news about that. Focusing on punctuation and pronunciation, you will also show your best performance in becoming a news reader. Dress nicely and get ready to shine!